Prof. Adya Sharan
Young Women Geographer’s Award

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The First

Adya Sharan Essay Competition 2022


" Paradigm Shift in Cartography "

With changing geographical realities, cartography as a subject has undergone several conceptual and practical modifications since its inception. The most important aspects of these changes in the character and patterns of cartography throughout the past century have undergone paradigm transformations in line with advancements in geographic knowledge, philosophical outlook, and scientific equipment and technique. Numerous theoretical issues in geography have recently surfaced and require prompt, appropriate solutions with a scientific perspective. Regarding this, the aim of using GIS as a value-adding component in geographical inquiry improved the ability of cartography as a tool to satisfy the needs of modern human growth. All of these details should be emphasized by the competitors in their writing. The writer is expected to give a comprehensive view of the theme with the significance of the issue being discussed. There needs Originality – uniqueness, novelty and authenticity of ideas. The writings should reflect fresh insights and a critical view of the subject.

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Last Date of Online Submission: 25.11.2022 (LAST DATE EXTENDED)