The idea of awarding Bhoogol Vachaspati was initiated in the Geography Congress, organised by Prof. H.N. Misra in Allahabad University in 2008. Those who initially were given the Bhoogol Vachaspati Award in this congress were Prof. K.R. Dixit, Dr. K.V. Sundaram, Prof. R.P. Misra and Prof. T.R. Laxmanan (USA), Prof. L.S. Bhat.

This is significant to mention that the Bhoogol Ratna Award was initiated by Bhoovigyan-Vikas Foundation at the behest of Dr. K.V. Sundaram. The two geographers who initially got Bhoogol Ratna are Prof. R.P. Misra and Prof. M. Shafi.

The National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI) officially started Bhoogol Vachaspati and Bhoogol Ratna Awards in 2015 and till now 18 Bhoogol Ratna and 8 Bhoogol Vachaspati Awards have been conferred.

Prof. R P Misra
Memorial Award

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Prof. Bandaru Hema Malini
Eminent Geographer's Award

Prof. N P Aiyyar
Young Geographer's Award

Prof. Adya Sharan
Young Women Geographer’s Award

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