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Reflections on 21st Century Human Habitats in India Felicitation Volume in Honour of Prof. M. H. Qureshi - Reviewed by Sumana Bandyopadhyay 


Reflections on 21st Century Human Habitats in India Felicitation Volume in Honour of Prof. M. H. Qureshi - Reviewed by Sumana Bandyopadhyay 





1. Village Ecology, Depletion Trends and Sustainable Development Needs - R B P Singh (Page 209-219) [DOI:]

2. An Investigation into Spatial Accessibility of Primary Health Centres in Ahmedabad District, Gujarat, India - Shweta Khandelwal and Rolee Kanchan (Page 220-233) [DOI:]

3. Road Traffic Fatalities and Accident Risk in Uttarakhand State of India: A Geographical Analysis - Santosh Kumari, D D Sharma and Virender Singh (Page 234-247) [DOI:]

4. Documentation of Surface Soil Characteristics as Indicator of Agricultural Outcome: A Case Study of Dhupguri Block, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) - Bhupesh Roy Prodhan and Snehasish Saha (Page 248-264) [DOI:]

5. Geography of Megalithic Period in South Maidan, Karnataka - Hema Thakur (Page 265-277) [DOI:]

6. Changing Spaces in Smart City: A Case Study of Pune Municipal Corporation - Virendra Nagarale and Piyush Telang (Page 278-290) [DOI:]

7. Growing Water Crisis in Agra City - Sakreen Hasan (Page 291-303) [DOI:]

8. Identification of Landslide-Prone Zones of Mandakini Valley (Central Himalaya) Post-Kedarnath Tragedy (2013) - Suman Das and Ashis Kumar Saha (Page 304-329) [DOI:]

9. Geospatial Technology based Geo-Environmental Impact Assessment of Slate Mining Activities - Tejpal, M S Jaglan and B S Chaudhary (Page 330-349) [DOI:]

10. Slopes of The Yamuna & Chambal Ravines of Agra District: A Morphogenetic Analysis - Chandra Bhan and Pankaj Kumar (Page 350-370) [DOI:]

11. Contextualising the Genesis of Geography Department in an Indian University - Sarfaraz Alam (Page 371-387) [DOI:]

12. Urban Land Use/Land Cover Changes in Gurugram District, Haryana using Landsat Images -Suman Chauhan and Sunil Kumar (Page 388-398) [DOI:]

13. Book Review (Page 399-400)

Mapping Place Names Of India - Anu Kapur - Reviewed by Prof. H S Sharma


1. 21st Century Challenges of Agriculture, Health and Development in India with Special Focus on Tribal Areas - Rana Pratap (Page 1-25) [DOI:]

2. Linking Human Capital Development with Educational Infrastructure and Urbanisation: An Expanded Version based on the Professor VLS Prakasa Rao Memorial Lecture - Hariharan Ramachandran (Page 26-39) [DOI:]

3. Urban-Regional Planning: How to Deal with Common Problems and Common Themes - Nandeshar Sharma (Page 40-48) [DOI:]

4. Structural Control in the Evolution of Granitic Landforms: A Study of Domes and Tors in Dumka, Jharkhand - Sayan Choudhary and V C Jha (Page 49-59) [DOI:]

5. Regional Disparities in Infrastructural Development : A Case Study of Baijnath Block of District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh - Seema Choudhary and D D Sharma (Page 60-76) [DOI:]

6. Aridity Assessment of Semi-Arid Agro-Climatic Zones: A Study of Eastern Rajasthan - Ravi Jhurawat, Padmini Pani and Avijit Mahala (Page 77-93) [DOI:]

7. Regional Patterns of Rural-Urban Migration in Uttar Pradesh: Insights from Census 1991-2011 - Alok Kumar Choubey and Gayatri Rai (Page 94-109) [DOI:]

8. Regional Disparities in The Level of Economic Development in Bundelkhand Region: An Inter-Block Analysis - P K Sharma and Sonal Srivastava (Page 110-128) [DOI:]

9. An Appraisal of Urban Morphology of Maunath Bhanjan City - Sanjay Kumar Bharati (Page 129-149) [DOI:]

10. Socio-Economic Dynamics and Livelihood Patterns in the Siddi Community - Karan Singh and Sushil Dalal (Page 150-161) [DOI:]

11. Investigating the Environmental Risk and Vulnerability of Cities in Sensitive Areas, Case Study of Ferdows City in Iran - Rostam Saberifar and Uday Chatterjee (Page 162-174) [DOI:]

12. Women and Child Trafficking from Nepal in India: Mechanism, Control Measures and Implications - Vinod K Bhardwaj (Page 175-192) [DOI:]

13. Book Reviews (Page 193-204)

Geographic History of the Sub-Continent - Sanjeev Sanyal - Reviewed by Kapil Kumar Gavsker

Resources and Development - L N Ram and B Thakur - Reviewed Mumtaz Khan


1.  Agricultural Development and Environmental Issues in India - M H Qureshi (Page 163-173) [DOI:]

2. Pressure, State, Response in a Growing Metropolis – A Case of Hyderabad City Region - S Padmaja and Kaushalya Ramachandran (Page 174-189) [DOI:] 

3. Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Crime in India, 1991-2011 - Ritvik Chauhan and Vijay Kumar Baraik (Page 190-211) [DOI:]

4. Land Use Changes in Ghazipur District (Uttar Pradesh): A Geographical Analysis - Vineet Kumar Rai and Gayatri Rai (Page 212-230) [DOI:]

5. An Assessment of Land Transformation due to Urban Sprawl in Unnao Town, Uttar Pradesh - Roohi Fatma and Vandana Kumari Chauhan (Page 231-239) [DOI:]

6. Decentralization of Water Resource Management: Issues and Perspectives involving Private and Community Initiatives in Darjeeling Town, West Bengal - Ashish Chhetri and Lakpa Tamang (Page 240-255) [DOI:]

7. Zone of Influence of Cities: Random Analysis of Rural Periphery of Mumbai and Bangalore - Surya Tewari (Page 256-277) [DOI:]

8. Integrated Land Use Planning for Development of Salekasa Taluka, Gondia District, Maharashtra - Jyoti S. Rokde and Arun Chaturvedi (Page 278-292) [DOI:]

9. Social Sustainability and Urban Governance: A Comparative Study of Hyderabad and Jaipur - Vikas Sehra and Milap Punia (Page 293-310) [DOI:]

10. Urban Change Detection using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System – A Case Study of Delhi Region, India - Ashwani kumar Awasthi and Umakant Rawat (Page 311-319) [DOI:]

11. BHOOGOL VACHASPATI AWARDS 2015 (Page 321-351)

12. Book Review (Page 353-355)

The Vulnerable Andaman and Nicobar Islands : A Study of Disaster and Response - Punam Tripathi - Reviewed by Prof. Sudesh Nangia 


1. Geospatial and Environmental Challenges before Geography - N C Gautam (Page 1-10) [DOI:]

2. Public Places and Crime in Delhi: A Study for Crime Prevention through Place Design - R N Dubey (Page 11-34) [DOI:]

3. Estimation of Surface Soil Erosion using USLE Model (Modified) of Dhupguri Block, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) - Snehasish Saha and Debarshi Ghosh (Page 35-56) [DOI:]

4. Analysis of the Zonal Variation in Means of Irrigation in Jammu Province of Jammu & Kashmir State - Shashi Prabha (Page 57-69) [DOI:]

5.   An Assessment of Infrastructural Facilities in Slums of Bhopal City - Archana Sen and Srabani Sanyal (Page 70-80) [DOI:]

6. Urbanization in India: A Commentary on Criteria and Contradictions - Arun Kumar Singh (Page 81-96) [DOI:]

7. Investigating the Spatial Variation of Deprivation in Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area, India - Jaydip De (Page 97-115) [DOI:]

8. Assessment of Dug Well Water Quality: A Case Study of Raipur City, Chhattisgarh (India) - Sanjib Pramanik, K N Prasad and N K Baghmar (Page 116-128) [DOI:]

9. Classification of Urban Landuse and Land Cover (LULC) of Nashik City (Panchavati Division) in Maharashtra (India) - Vinayak B Kale (Page 129-137) [DOI:]

10. Directions of Urban Growth: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Lucknow City - Upendra Bhai Patel, B L Teli and K C Purohit (Page 138-157) [DOI:]

11. Book Review (Page 159-161)

Development of Geographical Thought: Contextualisation and Synthesis of Philosophies - Ramkrishna Maiti and Moumita Moitra Maiti  - Reviewed by Srikumar Chattopadhyay  


1) Small and Intermediate Towns in Regional Development Process: A Case of Raebareli, Sultanpur and Pratapgarh Districts of Uttar Pradesh - H N Misra and Ashutosh Mishra (Page 181-199 ) [DOI:]

2) An Evaluation of Sub-Surface Water Quality Around Bharuch - Surat Industrial Region, Gujarat, India - Somnath Saha, Sukanta Kumar Saha, Tathagata Ghosh and Rolee Kanchan (Page 200-220) [DOI:]

3) Soil Degradation as Linked to Urbanization – A Case Study of Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala - Aneesh MR, Suresh S and Mani K (Page 221-229) [DOI:]

4) Bank Line Shifting of the Bhagirathi-Hugli River using RS, GIS in and around Purbasthali Blocks, West Bengal - Manjari Sarkar (Page 230-238) [DOI:]

5) Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Workforce in India during 1981-2011 - M B Singh and Nitin Kumar Mishra (Page 239-254) [DOI:]

6) Scheduled Caste Population in Haryana (A Study of Demographic Differentials) - Surya Kant (Page 255-280) [DOI:]

7) Crop Land Suitability and Sustainability of Agriculture in Mahendragarh District, Haryana - Gulshan Mehra and Rajeshwari (Page 281-300) [DOI:]

8) Land Cover Classification and Change Analysis in the Southern Fringe of Kolkata Metropolitan Area by Spatio Temporal Remote Sensing - Sushobhan Majumda and Lakshmi Sivaramakrishnan (Page 301-315) [DOI:]

9) Multi-Dimensional Poverty as a Menace to Social Ecology: A Micro Level Observation - Ajay Raj Mridu, and Anand Prasad Mishra (Page 316-332) [DOI:]

10) Missing Female Child in Haryana: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis - Suman Chauhan and Sunil Kumar  (Page 332-342) [DOI:]

 11) Rural - Urban Transition in India: A Perspective on Future Urbanization - Shahab Fazal and Md. Kaikubad Ali (Page 343-365) [DOI:]

12) Regional Variation in Cereal and Pulses Productivity in Southern Rajasthan : A Comparative Analysis - Lalit Singh Jhala (Page 366-378) [DOI:]

13) Book Review (Page 379-385)

a) The Vitality of India : A Regional Perspective - Gopal Krishan - Reviewed By Krishna Mohan

b) Indian Geographical Research : A Survey - K L Narasimha Murty - Reviewed By Subhash Anand


1. Big Data - Small Area : Impact on Geography - Prithvish Nag (Page 1-9) [DOI:

2. Understanding City Floods - H Ramachandran and A Kalaiarasan (Page 10-25) [DOI:]

3. Urbanization and Groundwater Supply in Barddhaman Municipality, Barddhaman, West Bengal - Mahamaya Laha (Page 26-40) [DOI:

4. Land Degradation in Eastern Chotanagpur Plateau: A Study of The Silabati River Basin - Avijit Mahala and Padmini Pani (Page 41-59) [DOI:]

5. Geospatial Analysis of Health Facilities in Urban Areas: A Case Study of Dehradun City - Upendra Bhai Patel and B L Teli (Page 60-71) [DOI:]

6. Role of Geography in Sustenance of Pre-Historic Settlements in Karnataka, India - Hema Thakur (Page 72-88) [DOI:]

7. Growth Performance of Agriculture in The Tribal Dominated Dungarpur District of Rajasthan - Devendra Singh Chouhan (Page 89-99) [DOI:]

8. The Effect of University-Industry Linkages and their Geographical Proximity to the Growth of Software Industry in India - Akshaya Kapoor (Page 100-119) [DOI:]

9. Estimation of Noise Pollution in The Hill Town Srinagar (Uttarakhand) : A Geographical Study - Mohan Panwar and Sristi Thapliyal (Page 120-136) [DOI:]

10. Spatial Patterns of Crop Concentration and Diversification: Its Impacts on Food Security in Chhattisgarh - Anusuiya Baghel, Sk Nasib Ahmad and Girdhar Sahu (Page 137-155) [DOI:]

11. Neighbourhood Environment: Assessing and Mapping of Vulnerable Neighbourhoods of Azamgarh City for Planning - Saleha Jamal and Uzma Ajmal (Page 156-174) [DOI:]

12. Book Review (Page 175-180)

a) Climate Change and Natural Resources: A Study of Indian Desert - H S Sharma - Reviewed by M N Koul 

b) Regional Planning and Development: Concepts, Theories and Techniques - H S Gupta - Reviewed by Surya Kant 

Past issues (only in Print Version):


1. Editorial - Interdisciplinary Nature of Geography (Page 1-5)

2. Climate Change in India : Challenges and Resolutions - H N Misra and Ashutosh Mishra (Page 6-16)

3. Noise Levels During Diwali Festival in Delhi - Pratibha Bhalla and Baleshwar Thakur (Page 17-41)

4. Regional Planning for Lower Kosi Watershed, Uttarakhand Himalaya: A Geomorphological Approach - Vinita Joshi and Anita Pande (Page 42-68)

5. Identification of Water-Scarce Regions for Water Management in Sikar District, Rajasthan - Rajesh Kumar Abhay (Page 69-82 )

6. The Water Crisis and Water Resource Management for Agriculture Development in Upper Ganga - Yamuna Doab of India - Ajai Chhaukar (Page 83-105)

7. Pattern of Land Use, Land Use Efficiency and Disparity in Landholdings in Coastal Odisha - Shalini Verma (Page 106-120)

8. Dynamics of Apple Orchards in Response to Environmental Change : A Case Study of Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh - Ram Nagesh Prasad and Padmini Pani (Page 121-130)

9. Spatial Variations in the Level of Development in Western Rajasthan, India - Pawan Kumar Sharma (Page 131-149)

10. Dimensions of Work Participation by Groups in Uttar Pradesh - Sana Asthma and Farasat Ali Siddiqui (Page 150-164)

11. Trend of Population Growth in Unnao City : A Geographical Study - Soniya Sonkar and Gayatri Rai (Page 165-178)

12. Community Biodiversity Conservation : A Case Study of Sendenyu Biodiversity Reserve of Nagaland - Soyhunlo Sebu (Page 179-187)

13. Book Review


1. The Missing Links of Indian Geography and the Mandate of an Association - Virendra Kumar Shrivastava (Page 1-26)

2. Monitoring Desertification in Rajasthan: Status, Processes and Causes - H S Sharma (Page 27-47)

3. Monitoring Vegetative Drought Dynamics with Drought Indices in Gujarat - Nairwita Bandyopadhyay (Page 48-64)

4. Agro-Climatic Regional Planning for Sustainable Agricultural Development of Eastern Uttar Pradesh - Anamika Singh and B N Singh (Page 65-82)

5. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Industrial Hubs Development in Himachal Pradesh: Large and Medium Enterprises - Ravi Kumar and Anurng Sankhian (Page 83-97)

6. Geospatial Technology in Geomorphic Analysis for Assessing Watershed Characterization and Prioritization of Son Sub-watershed, Chhattisgarh - S K Nasib Ahamed and Anusuiya Baghel (Page 98-110)

7. A Comparative Geographical Regional Analysis of Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe Literacy Levels in Ajmer Division, 2011 - Sawan Kumar Jangid and Sunita (Page 111-132)

8. Environmental Impact of Modern Farming Practices in Purba Medinipur District, W. B. - An Overview - Ananya Sahu (Page 133-143)

9. Socio-Economic Life and its Development in Nagaland - A Case Study of Zunheboto District - Avitoli Kinny and T. Lanusosang (Page 144-154)

10. Educational Status of Houseless Population in Kanpur City - Shamshad (Page 155-172)

11. Hydraulic Modeling Framework for Urban Flood Inundation Mapping of Gorakhpur City, India - Narendra Kumar Rana (Page 173-188)

12. Need of Urban Forestry for Ecological Development in Varanasi City - Kaushalendra Prakash Goswami, Niraj Kumari and Varun Kumar (Page 189-206)

13. Book Review


1. Mapping Urban Primacy Patterns in India - Nina Singh (Page 1-11)

2. New Forms of Urban Development: An Overview of 'Smart Cities' Paradigm in India's Urban Policy - Kapil Kumar Gavsker (Page 12-29)

3. Analysis of Urbanization and Access to Basic Amenities in Uttar Pradesh, India - M B Singh and Nitin Kumar Mishra (Page 30-48)

4. Association of Thunderstorm Occurrence and Temperature over India - Pankaj Bhardwaj and Omvir Singh (Page 49-66)

5. Landscape Level Zoning Plan for Resource Governance in the Hazard Prone Coastal Area of India viz. Purba Medinipur District, West Bengal - Prajakta Babasaheb Jadhav and Tapati Mukhopadhyay (Page 67-80)

6. Urban-Rural Relations in an Agrarian Setting (A Case Study of Hisar District, Haryana) - Suman Rani (Page 81-100)

7. Livelihood Transformations and Its Impact on the Living Standard in the Urban Fringe: A Regional Perspective from India - Nasrin Banu and Shahab Fazal (Page 101-122)

8. Spatial Pattern of Agricultural Development in Raghopur Block (District - Supaul): A Study Based on Standard Score Method - Ashutosh Kumar and P R Sharma (Page 123-140)

9. Pattern and Determinants of Infant Mortality Rate in Odisha State, India - Kalyan Sundar Som and R P Mishra (Page 141-158)

10. Soils of Bist-Doab Region of Punjab: Distribution, Problems, Management and Future Strategies - Manjit Kaur (Page 159-168)

11. Prioritization of Giri Catchment: An Integrated Approach - B R Thakur and Dhan Dev Sharma (Page 169-187)

12. Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Rainfall Characteristics and Its Trends in Jammu Region - Anju Gupta and Sushila Turkiya (Page 188-202)


1. Demonolithing Scheduled Caste Population in India - Surya Kant (Page 1-16)

2. Expansion of Monopoly Capital, Natural Resources and Regional Development (The Case of Post Globalization) - H S Yadav (Page 17-29)

3. Forests and the People's Perception: A case study of Uttarakhand Himalaya - Dinesh Pratap (Page 30-52)

4. Rainwater Harvesting: A Solution to Water Scarcity in the National Capital Region (NCR), Delhi, India - Niji Bathla and S C Rai (Page 53-65)

5. The Indo-Gangetic Plain - Some views on its Evolution - Chandra Bhan and Pankaj Kumar (Page 66-76)

6. Diurnal Variations in Summer Lightning Activity Across Southern Hemispheric South America - Shouraseni Sen Roy and Robert C Balling Jr. (Page 77-88)

7. Urban Sprawl in Noida City, Gautam Buddha Nagar (U.P.) - S K Sinha and Ravi Shekhar (Page 89-102)

8. Impact Assessment of Agricultural Interventions in Tribal Areas of Madhya Pradesh: An Example of Chhindwara District, Madhya Pradesh - D D Vishwakarma and S K Sharma (Page 103-119)

9. Regional Disparities in the Levels of Development in West Bengal: An Inter District Analysis - Md. Mustaquim and Asif (Page 120-152)

10. Occupation of Women in Patna: Problems and Remedies - Purnima Pandey and Gayatri Rai (Page 153-166)

11. The Geographical Cradle of Urdu - Jai Pal Singh and Mumtaz Khan (Page 167-178)

12. Decay of Ponds in Midlands of Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala - A Case Study - U Unnikrishnan (Page 179-187)

13. Book Review: "Managing Natural Resources: Focus on Land and Water - by H N Misra" - M Sinha (Page 188-190)


1. Spatial System of Cities in India - H N Misra (Page 1-24)

2. Spatial - Temporal Changes in an Urban Fringe: A Case Study of Pune - Sulochana Shekhar and Jaymala Diddee (Page 25-34)

3. Assessment of Forest Types and Commercial Growing Biomass in Mountainous Terrain Using Remote Sensing Technique: A Case Study of Paro Dzongkhag, Bhutan - Javed Mallic, Hoang Thi Hang and Atiqur Rahman (Page 35-54)

4. Urban Land- suitability Analysis of Bangalore City : Analyzing the Evidences of the Unsustainable Urbanization through GIS Using Multivariate Index Model - Priya Narayanan and Ashok Hanjagi (Page 55-62)

5. Differential Study of Tap and Handpump Water in Urban Slum Areas of Hisar City - Kiran Bala and S.P Kaushik (Page 63-76)

6. Morphology of Tilla-Lunga Topography in West Tripura District, Tripura, India - Subhajit Sen, Abhijit Santra, Debasish Debbarma, Saptarshi Mitra and Sunil Kumar De (Page 77-93)

7. Impact Study of Cement Plants in Chitorgarh District on pH and Electrical Conductivity of Soil - Seema Jalan and Vimal Poswal (Page 94-101)

8. Indo- Nepal Open Border: An Assessment - Vinod K Bhardwaj (Page 102-118)

9. Perspectives in Cultural Symbiosis: A Case Study of Aapatani Cultural Landscape - Lokesh Shrivastava and Archana Namdeo (Page 119-131)

IO. Water Supply Management: Rural vs. Urban India - Ravi S Singh and Dipankar Roy (Page 132-146)

11. Book Review


1. India's Democracy and Parliamentary Elections of 2014 from an Eye of Diaspora - B L Sukhwal (Page 1-10)

2. Health Implications of Poor Housing Conditions in Srinagar City - Abha Lakshmi Singh and Shanawaz Ahmad Baba (Page 11-25)

3. Agrarian Crisis in a Climatically Vulnerable Sub Humid/Semi Arid Agro - Eco Region of India - An Overview: A Need for Livestock Management as a Sustainability Check - S Padmaja and Kausalya Ramachandran (Page 26-49)

4. Land Degradation and Deforestation in India: A District Level Analysis - Ratan Priya and Padmini Pani (Page 50-70)

5. Land Degradation and Its Impact on Agricultural Production in Kendujhar Plateau - Rajesh Kumar Abhay (Page 71-88)

6. Land Use and Land Cover Classification in Kyrgyzstan: A Semantic Approach - S Divya Rajeswari and T Vasantha Kumaran (Page 89-110)

7. Regional Disparities in the Levels of Agricultural Development: A Case Study of Koppal District - B G Tallalli and H Nagaraj (Page 111-125)

8. Gender Inequality in Tribal District of Gujarat : A Case of Sabarkantha - Shital Shukla (Page 126-140)

9. Cultural Landscape of the Tribal People of Phek District, Nagaland - Sakhoveyi Lohe (Page 141-152)

10. Coastal Vulnerability Assessment for Thiruvananthapuram, South-West Coast of India - Shaji J (Page 153-162)

11. Book Review


1. Globalization and It's Implications For India - R P Misra (Page 1-18)

2. Trends in Geographical Research in India - Lakshmi Sivaramakrishnan (Page 19-29)

3. A New Measure of Poverty : Case Study of Five Villages of Dharwad District, Karnataka - L T Nayak (Page 30-52)

4. Factors Influencing Choice of Resettlement Sites - Sushil Dalal and Anuradha Banerjee (Page 53-71)

5. Food Security in Drought Prone Regions of India - Nancy Kaushik and S C Rai (Page 54-71)

6. Analytical Study of the Trend and Rhythm of Rainfall - Ranganatha (Page 84-99)

7. Potentials of Using Roof Top Spaces - Usha Verma and Dweepika Kumari (Page 100-117)

8. Natural Hazards and Vulnerability in Himachal Pradesh - Neha Sharma and D D Sharma (Page 118-127)

9. Assessing the Quality of Soil: A Case Study of Nashik District, Maharashtra - V B Kale (Page 128-136)

10. Managing the Municipal Solid Waste: Comparative Study of Faridabad City with Other Cities of India - Kokila Yadav, M L Bansal and S P Kaushik (Page 137-145)

11. Pattern of Literacy in Bihar (2001-2011) - Gayatri Rai (Page 146-161)

12. Extent and Magnitude of Flood Due to Soil Erosion in Lower Brahmaputra River Basin, Assam - R B Singh, B W Pandey and Abhay Shankar Prasad (Page 162-179)


1. Research Frontiers of Indian Geography : Focus on Sustainability, Environment and Society - H N Misra (Page 1-18)

2. Mega Spaces of Twentyfirst Century : A Comparative Study of India and China - R P Misra (Page 19-47)

3. Farmers' Perception and Their Use of Structural Soil Conservation Measures in Soro District, Southern Ethiopia - A Kibemo Detamo, Mohammed Assen and Anuja Tigga (Page 48-58)

4. Evolution of Achankovil Drainage Pattern : A Geomorphic Analysis - V Dhanya (Page 59-70)

5. Land use and Land cover Analysis of Dehradun : Application of RS and GIS - B Srinagesh and Kiran Baktula (Page 71-85)

6. Food Insecurity in Rural Areas of Bandipore District, Jammu & Kashmir, India - Rais Akhtar (Page 86-95)

7. Indoor Air Quality and Respiratory Diseases : A Case Study of Lucknow - Kaneez-e-lbrahim (Page 96-108)

8. Road Transport and Regional Development : A Case Study of Gaya District, Bihar - Krishna Kumar and Anjan Sen (Page 109-130)

9. Impact of Domestic Waste Disposal on Health : A Case Study of Kanpur City – G L Srivastava, Manjulata Singh and Mamta Srivastava (Page 131-141)

10. Bio-diversity Conservation : Some Cultural and Ethical Issues - V K Dixit (Page 142-151)

11. Climate Variability and Vulnerability : A Case Study on Rajasthan - Anamika Poonia (Page 152-160)

12. Water-front Embankments on Medinipur Coast, West Bengal : A GEO-Engineering Study - Abhay Sankar Sahu (Page 161-172)

13. Spatio-temporal Behavioural Changes in Waterlogged Areas of Bagalkot District : Using Multispectral Satellite Data - S S Hangaragi (Page 173-185)

[Contents of Rest of the issues are being uploaded in phases]



1. Human Survival and Development Focus on Land, Water and Minerals - R P Misra and H N Misra (Page 21-38)

2. Region for Planning : Some Issues - Satyesh C Chakraborty (Page 39-48)

3. Agricultural Regionalisation of Andhra Pradesh - V Vidyanath (Page 49-56)

4. A Note on Landuse Orientation in Andhra Pradesh - Y V Ramanaiah and B K Reddy (Page 57-60)

5. Saffron Cultivation in the Kashmir Valley : A Case Study of Wasura Village : Saffron Cultivation and Its Role in Socio-Economic Development - G H Mohi-ud-din Mir (Page 61-67)

6. Interpretation of Geographical Maps in Concept of the Shifts in Paradigms in Geography - C Mamatamayee (Page 69-75)


7. Medical Geography Teaching in Indian Universities - Rais Akhtar (Page 77-100)

8. Interaction between Universities and the Survey of India - Some Thoughts and Suggestions - G S Oberoi (Page 101-103)


9. Places and Regions Change : The Reclus Project - J Racine (Page 105-107)

10. The Institute of Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - Sudhir Wanmali (Page 108-109)


11. Border Tensions and All That....... - C D Deshpande (Page 111)

12. Contributions to the Annals of the NAGI - A Review of their content and coverage - Krishnanandhan Prasad and Mumtaz Khan (Page 113).

The Editor's Rejoinder (Page 114-116)

Book Reviews

13. i) Rural Settlements : A Cultural, Ecological Perspective : by Sharma, Savita Anand - B Arunachalam (Page 117)

ii) Spatial Dimensions of Unemployment and Underemployment: by Gopal Krishan - B Arunachalam (Page 117-118)

iii) Social and Cultural Geography of Hyderabad City: by Dharmendra Prasad - B Arunachalam (Page 118-119)

iv) A study in settlement Geography: by Jagdish Singh - Swapna Banerji-Guha (Page 119-120)

v) Geography of Rural Development in India: by R B Singh - B Arunachalam (Page 120)

vi) Rural Development in India: by R N Singh and D N Singh - Girish K Misra (Page 120-122)

vii) Residential and social structure : A Study in Urban Social Geography: by Sheo Kumar Yadav - H Ramachandran (Page 122-123)

vii) Prakritik Balo Ani Bhoopsapateena Salat Badalta Bhoomiswarupoo (Gujarati): by M R Shah - C D Deshpande (Page 124)

viii) India : Culture, Society and Economy: by A B Mukerji and A Ahmed - C D Deshpande (Page 124-125)

ix) Spatial Patterns of Population in the Cities of Uttar Pradesh: by Tara Devi Singh - K Sita (Page 125-126)

x) Geography of Jammu and Kashmir: Some Aspects: by Majid Husain - P T Malshe (Page 126-127)

xi) Travaux et documents de documents de geographie tricale, urbanisation et organisation regionale - P Usselmann - C D Deshpande (Page 127)

xii) Geography and Environment: Issues and Challenges: by H H Singh - Satyesh Chakraborty (Page 128-129)

xiii) Views on Alleppey : Socio-historical and Socio-spatial perspectives on an Industrial Port Town in Kerala: by - H Schenk - C D Deshpande (Page 130)



1. Remote Sensing in Delineation of Coastal Geomorphology and Bathymetric Charting - Some Case Studies - Satyaprakash and S K Jha (Page 1-8)

2. Droughts in North Coastal Andhra - A Climatic Study - A R Subramaniam and P A Narasimha Raju (Page 9-13)

3. Regional Disparities as a Problem of Spatial Development Planning in Countries of the Third World - Case of India with Reference to Andhra Pradesh - Dirk Bronger (Page 14-37)

Short Communications

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